Airline Services

Lonero & Associates, LLC has specialized in airline employee tax preparation since the 1970’s. We were one of the first tax preparation firms in the country to specialize in the airline industry. Today we have clients from over 23 different airlines. Many of our clients have been with us for more than 20 years. Whether you are a pilot, flight attendant, mechanic or other airline employee, it is more important than ever to be sure you are not only getting every deduction that you are allowed but to be confident that your tax return is fully compliant with the many complex tax codes that apply to the airline industry. And because we we have extensive experience in audit representation we are keenly aware of which deductions will pass the audit test.

Why is it important to use a tax firm that specializes in Airline Employee Tax preparation?

Much of the tax code has unique applications to taxpayers that are categorized by the IRS as transportation employees. How meal expenses are reconciled against per diem payments, whether commuting expenses are or are not deductible and which expenses are deductible as airline employee business expenses are but only a few of the common mistakes we see. Many CPA’s and tax preparers are not well trained in the unique applications of the tax law relating to airline employees. If you are not using a firm that specializes in the airline industry you are probably not getting all of the deductions that you are allowed or your return may not be IRS compliant. Or both.

Why is Lonero & Associates, LLC different from other airline tax firms?

We have over 30 years as airline tax specialists. But we don’t rest on those laurels. We are constantly researching tax law and engaging the IRS on airline employee tax issues to ensure that we are getting every deduction for which you are entitled. We have argued airline employee issues before the IRS. Many “airline tax firms” have airline employees as clients and count that as their primary qualification of being a specialist. Not Lonero & Associates, LLC. We actively work year around to earn the designation “Airline Specialist.”

Unlike most of the website based “airline tax firms” you will actually speak to a live person as a client of Lonero & Associates, LLC. Most other firms place a downloadable form for you to fill out and return and they prepare your taxes from that. You rarely speak to one of their preparers. We are different. We will get to know you. What kind of work does your spouse do? Do you have other family income? What are your unique family circumstances? We will get to know your entire tax picture so that we can ensure that you are getting every allowable deduction and that you are fully compliant with the law. This personal attention also allows us to advise you on family and business issues that affect your tax situation. You can never do that through a website based, downloadable form.

I live in another city or state. Can I still use your firm to prepare my taxes?

Yes. Over half of our clients live out of state. We are fully capable of preparing tax returns from every state with state income taxes. We have a very efficient system to gather the information we need and to deliver your tax returns to you no matter where you live. We have hundreds and hundreds of clients all over the United States.

I want you to prepare my taxes. How do I get started?

It’s simple. Pick up the phone and call us. We will need 15 to 30 minutes to interview you and get to know your tax picture. From that interview we will send you a custom package of forms tailored to your specific situation for you to fill out. Return that information to us and we will prepare your return(s). We will be in contact with you through out the entire process to guide you and to answer any questions you may have. It’s simple and effective. Our process has been developed from over thirty years in business.

How much are your fees?

Our fees vary depending upon the complexity of your return. Our fees tend to be average or a little below average compared to the rest of the industry. Our refunds tend to be higher than the industry average due to our extensive knowledge of allowable deductions. In other words, you will find value in the dollars you spend with our firm.

I’ve always used Turbo Tax. It’s cheaper to do my own taxes. Why should I use your firm?

Almost without fail, we have been able to lower the tax liability and increase the refund for every client that uses Turbo Tax. Due to the fact that most taxpayers don’t know all of the allowable deductions and the fact that Turbo Tax is not very intuitive for allowable transportation employee deductions (especially reconciling per diem) users almost always pay more tax on a return prepared by Turbo Tax. More importantly, we find that returns prepared using Turbo Tax have an alarmingly high rate of non-compliance. You might save a hundred dollars using Turbo Tax. But most likely you are paying hundreds (or more) in increased taxes. And worse, you are more likely to have mistakes in your return that can trigger an audit. Penny wise and pound-foolish?

I have been using another CPA or Tax Preparer. Can I use your firm?

While we never actively solicit business from other firms we have clients come to us from other firms every year. Your tax preparer is no different from your doctor, dentist or attorney. Find one you trust, one you are comfortable with and one that meets your personal needs. If that firm is ours we will be glad to have your business. If you come to us from another firm we will review your past tax returns (free of charge) to ensure that they were prepared accurately, that they are IRS compliant and that you were credited with all allowable deductions. If you are a satisfied client of another firm we encourage you to continue your relationship with them. If you want to speak with our firm to get to know more about us feel free to call anytime. We will never pressure you to change firms.